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The Art of Growing Souls
The Art of Growing Souls

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Rhonda Jo, Coach/TeacherOwner/Founder of Soul Grower Industries. Teacher, music-lover, closet songwriter, and mom-of-all-trades. Merino, Colorado

Virgie Nelson, Consultant - Coordinator of the Sterling Police Department Youth Services program + Colorado Youth Detention Continuum for the 13th Judicial District in Colorado. Teacher, virtuoso pianist, award-winning actress, comedian, and all-around hero.  Sterling, Colorado

Kathleen Murray, Consultant - Owner/Founder of Cre8te Wellness, Licensed Professional Counselor with an MBA and tons of experience in leadership, education, business, criminal justice, service, mothering, and world travel. Golden, Colorado

Larissa Macfarlane, Writer - Wife and mommy extraordinaire and soon-to-be marriage and family therapist. Passionate advocate for healthy relationships, successful marriages, and open lines of shame-free communication.  Buena Vista, Virginia

Talana Wilhite, Writer - The original "soul grower," entrepreneur, and mom-ing expert with a six-pack (of children) plus fur-babies, and proud wife of an American border patrol agent. She is our poster-child for living the "art of growing souls." Lynden, Washington

Tara Schmidt, Consultant - Owner/Founder of Living True Therapy, with a unique ability to meet and accept people where they are and a strong belief in the strength of the human soul to overcome and thrive.  Elizabeth, Colorado

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