Hey fellow youth-serving enthusiast!


I'm SO glad you found this page, because

You get it. 
You're in the trenches with kids every day.

You see their potential. 
You see their goodness.
You see those moments of brilliance when you imagine

the great things they might be capable of.

But... you also see the mess. 


And the goal is always to HELP THEM HELP THEMSELVES, right? 

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The more I work with kids, the more gratitude I feel for my own lot in life. I've had it good. I've had people lighting the way for me since day one. So many of our kids have not.

And the thing is - I STILL need direction and insight on a daily basis. So, when I see kids making a mess out of things, I get it. How could they NOT be wandering a bit aimlessly? 

Social-Emotional Learning, Character Education, Positive Youth Development, Life Skills... we have lots of labels for our efforts to help shine some light for kids. All of these program options are, in some way, meant to teach kids how to be a good person, make good decisions, and prepare themselves to make it in the world.

Fast forward to - The Messy in Between.

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Frankly, I was sick of looking for SEL curriculum that felt REAL. And I got tired of purchasing curriculum but then only using bits and pieces of it.

So, custom curriculum design & development work commenced!

The Messy in Between is the result of 3 separate projects: 


  • Principle-Centered Decision-Making: Born out of requests for school-based presentations to promote good citizenship, wellness, and in response to substance-use concerns.

  • Goal Coaching: Grew out of prevention efforts with YouthLink, the Collaborative Management Program in Logan County, Colorado.

  • Growth & Resilience: Programming developed as an education component for youth involved with the juvenile justice system.

light bulb moment.png

Then one day, the light bulb went off.

Why were we teaching kids these concepts separately?

If we COMBINED those 3 skills, we would be teaching a mini road map that kids (or anyone) could use over and over and over again.

How cool would that be?!

So - The Messy in Between was born!

We continue to receive great feedback from youth, parents, and professionals who are using the program in a variety of ways. Keep scrolling to see the different options - maybe one is a good fit for you!


Thanks so much for checking in with us - hope to see you on the inside!

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Owner/Founder of Soul Grower Industries

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Guide your students through The Messy in Between in your classroom, mentoring or after-school program,

youth group, or in one-on-one coaching sessions with youth you serve.

It's cliche, but the possibilities really are endless!

Access to the full online curriculum for one teacher:

  • 7 Lesson Modules, including:

    • Over 30 lesson videos

    • Over 30 interactive activities (Stir it In Challenges)

    • Dozens of enrichment resources (Motivational Playlists)

  • Printable PDF workbook - over 200 pages of printable versions of the "Stir it In Challenges"

  • Access to the student versions of the online program - to familiarize yourself with the experience for students

  • Bonus! 1 year subscription to The Messy in Between Coaching Tools

    • Learning activities for ​each lesson module

    • Additional enrichment activities, resources, and videos

    • Coaching Tools - to help students make personal connections with what they are learning. Coach them to apply the concepts to their real life circumstances more effectively.

Choose to use the curriculum license in a variety of ways:

  • Teach your class or facilitate a group by showing the lesson videos, having a guided discussion, use the printable workbook pages, and do the suggested learning activities. All you need is the curriculum license to do all of these things.

  • OR - do the above AND give students individual access to the program. This will allow for a more enriching and immersive experience in the concepts as youth spend more time with the lessons and are able to do the interactive activities in a more engaging and individualized way.

  • OR - assign students to work through the program independently. Then use face to face time for coaching and "deep dives" with how they can apply the lessons to their specific circumstances. 

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Individual Student Access to the online learning portal

  • Students have a personalized experience with the curriculum

    • Lesson videos and activities include course compliance features

  • Must complete lessons, activities, and quizzes before they are able to progress to the next one​

  • Personalized interactive activities allow students to send their work to themselves, as well as to the teacher

  • The ideal version of the program to use when working through the program with medium to large groups of students

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The Messy in Between: Max-out Edition

Gives youth a clearly structured experience with the program so that maximum results can be achieved. All of the lesson material is the same as above, but the structure, flow, and accountability measures are different:

  • The 7 Lesson Modules are on a weekly timed release, 1 module each week after enrollment. 

  • Encourages daily time with the material, rather than allowing for the "crash course" approach that only gives students a taste of the kind of power the lessons can offer 

  • Bonus enrichment material included in each weekly module so that students can soak in the concepts a little more deeply every day.

  • The ideal version of the program to use when working with smaller groups or individual students

When you purchase student access - you can decide which version to use on a case by case basis. For example:

  • Purchase individual access for 50 students

    • Enroll 37 students in the regular version

    • Enroll 13 students in the Max-out Edition.

    • You do NOT need to know in advance which version you will use

Messy in Between workbook cover.jpg

The Messy in Between Companion Workbook

60 pages of vivid, colorful activities to help students maximize their experience with The Messy in Between.

  • This is condensed version of the activities students are prompted to do throughout the program

  • Ideally used in combination with Stir it In Challenge activities in the online portal

  • All of the workbook pages are included in the expanded pdf version that you receive with a curriculum license

  • This glossy version of the workbook pages is a fun way to help students feel excited about a "shiny new thing" to start their experience in the program with.

  • Serves as a journal for students to track their own progress and easily refer back to their own notes as they progress toward their individual goal.

  • Saves on printing costs - especially to have slick pages and brilliant color.

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mib virtual training button.png

The Messy in Between Virtual Training for Professionals

A full day immersive training to become a coach with The Messy in Between.

  • Crash course in the curriculum.

  • PLUS, Learn:

    • How to hit home with the most important concepts.

    • The Cardinal Rule: People over programs. How to care about the kids more than the plan.

    • How to be a Coach by helping students APPLY the concepts in their individual life.

  • Individual support with program implementation.

    • Share how you plan to use The Messy in Between in your work and receive guidance and ideas for facilitation with your youth.​

    • This can include customization of the online tools for your needs, including grouping your students into "virtual classrooms."

mib live training button.png

The Messy in Between Live Training for Professionals

All of the above, but face to face.

  • The reasons to consider live training vs. virtual

    • Learning activities for the classroom that are included in our Coaching Tools are demonstrated much more effectively​

    • Relationships and communication are always more rewarding when we can see each other eyeball to eyeball

    • Opportunity to touch and feel some to the resources that we use when teaching with students - it's the whole "worth a thousand words" cliche about seeing things for yourself.

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Click here for the interactive tool to automatically calculate the cost of different options and even create your own invoice to get started today if you choose!

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