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Soul Grower Industries

Helping kids become the hero of their own story


We help kids become the hero of their own stories
 teaching principles of success and personal development and coaching them to apply those principles in their real-life circumstances while chasing real-life dreams.


10 Things Heroes Do:

  1. Heroes know WHO they are, what they believe in, and what they stand for.

  2. Heroes have a GOAL for their life.

  3. Heroes see the PURPOSE of their goal - they know why they're working for it.

  4. Heroes never play the VICTIM by making excuses for their results.

  5. Heroes never play the VILLAIN by undermining their own success or intentionally hurting others.

  6. Heroes find a GUIDE (teacher, or coach) to help them learn how to reach their goals.

  7. Heroes LEARN from mistakes and the challenges of training to have new skills.

  8. Heroes TRUST the PROCESS  and believe that their guide knows the TRUTH about what they need to do to succeed.

  9. Heroes never QUIT.

  10. Heroes BECOME a new version of themselves with each new goal achieved.


How do we help kids become heroes?

What we do:


Teach & Coach Kids

We teach kids the principles of success. Then we coach kids on how to apply the principles they're learning to their real life.

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Teach and Coach Parents

Teach & Coach Parents

We teach parents the principles of success. Then we coach them on how to apply those principles to parenting.

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Train Professionals to be Teachers & Coaches

We train youth-serving professionals to become teachers and coaches to the kids in their program, class, or on their caseload.

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Contact Us

Soul Grower Industries
P.O. Box 75
Merino, CO 80741


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